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We exist to serve the local community
WeekenderNJ is an award-winning community publication, dedicated to being a place where anyone can have a voice, find a trusted authentic connection, share experiences, ideas, goods, and services. 

We are a new platform that gives a voice to millions of everyday people who are fighting to survive during challenging times. We bring people together to build authentic connections with the goal of raising awareness so that together we can create a better society.

We launched on Sunday, Oct 25th, 2020. Our first “edition” followed on Nov 1st, 2020. We publish new material on Weekends, and on occasions when we have something particularly timely or important to share. We hope that you make us part of your regular reading routine.

We want to hear your insight and ideas and welcome guest contributors; such as writers, photographers, artists, and more!

We are excited you’re here, and we look forward to hearing your story!! 

The key messages we want to share are:

  • To serve as a beacon of light.

  • Help build authentic connections.

  • To amplify your experiences, creative ideas, goods, and services. 

  • To cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on.

Cultivating change through referrals
Who in your network could benefit by contributing to the greater good of the community? 


We sincerely appreciate you referring WeekenderNJ to your family and friends. 

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