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  • 325 new positive PCR tests

  • 895,067 total positive PCR tests

  • 120 new positive antigen tests

  • 130,721 total positive antigen tests

  • 5 new confirmed deaths

  • 23,792 total confirmed deaths

  • 2,709 probable deaths

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  • 10,110,482 total doses have been administered in New Jersey as of yesterday.

  • 5,096,954 individuals who live, work, or study in New Jersey are now fully vaccinated.

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Edward Cagney Matthews of Mount Laurel, NJ asked New Jerseyans to show up at his house after repeatedly yelling racist comments to a black neighbor, so folks from multiple neighborhoods showed up.

Later that day, he was arrested.

Edward Mathews, 45, appeared in court on Tuesday for his first appearance but will remain behind bars at least until his detention hearing later this week.

Thursday, he has been charged with stalking, possession of a weapon (slingshot) for an unlawful purpose, damaging car, drug and other related offenses.

New Jersyans are calling for an outside investigation of the police department as well as anti-oppression training.

It took multiple people to show up at Matthews house for the police to do their jobs.


Governor Murphy (D) signed three bills into law, Wednesday.

Bill A-850 wGR/S-2864 – Establishes “Broadband Access Study Commission

Sponsors: Chiaravalloti, Karabinchak, Reynolds-Jackson/Oroho, Singleton; Co-Sponsors: John Armato (D), Daniel Benson (D), Anthony Bucco (R), Herb Conaway (D), Joseph Danielsen (D), Serena DiMaso (R), JoAnn Downey (D), Roy Freiman (D), Jamel Holley (D), Eric Houghtaling (D), Valerie Huttle (D), Mila Jasey (D), Pamela Lampitt (D), Yvonne Lopez (D), Vincent Mazzeo (D), John McKeon (D), William Moen (D), Gabriela Mosquera (D), Carol Murphy (D), Nellie Pou (D), Annette Quijano (D), M. Teresa Ruiz (D), F. Parker Space (R), Sterley Stanley (D), Britnee Timberlake (D), Harold Wirths (R)

Passed Both Houses on June 30, 2021


37 In favor

1 In opposition of the bill

According to this bill, New Jerseyans will see another formed commission set to evaluate leasing vs. purchasing established broadband infrastructure that is authorized to function for an entire year, following the first meeting of the commission, with a responsibility as follows:

(1) considering whether leasing or purchasing established broadband infrastructure, such as unused fiber optic cable, is more advantageous in creating a faster network; (2) considering whether establishing a community broadband municipal or county agency or a non-profit corporation is more appropriate to administer the community broadband network; (3) evaluating the different methods, including legislation and contracts with private companies, that other municipalities or counties in this country have used to implement community broadband networks; (4) determining the most cost effective method in which to establish community broadband networks, with a cost estimate for the local government and a rate estimate for paying customers; and (5) exploring all possible federal, State, and private funding sources for the establishment of community broadband networks in the State.

The commission is to report its findings, conclusions, and recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature no later than one year following the first meeting of the commission. The commission and this act expire upon the submission of the commission's report.

Bill A-5825/S-3487 Changes effective date of Garden State Health Plan; exempts certain charter and renaissance schools from certain healthcare plan requirements; requires certain negotiations over certain health care costs.

Sponsors: Coughlin/Sweeney

Note: If you work in education, then it is in your interest to read all 16 pages of this new law with your cup of coffee this morning.

Bill A-4804/S-3115 - Modifies process for obtaining working certificates for minors.

Primary sponsor, Gopal/Pou; Co-sponsors Downey, Houghtaling, Speight.

The Committee voting for this bill was:

All in favor. (5 Yes)

Note: This bill will basically alow your minor children to perform child labor, but only during a state of emergency. When there is no state of emergency set in place, human rights will apply to all minors.

Governor Murphy Re-election:

Phil Murphy’s personal twitter account posted a series of questionable tweets, or in instances posts that made very little, if no sense at all.

We felt it was important to fact check:


"Grassroots fundraising" is a way of financing their campaigns for candidates who don't have significant media exposure of front runner status, or who are perhaps in opposition to the powerful lobby groups which influence the political party nominating process.

Is New Jersey really affordable? Or did the Governor's Social Media Manager made an error? You can decide for yourselves, but in the meantime, let's take a look how New Jerseyans are doing these days:

You can read more here:

Divided Supreme Court Leaves Eviction Ban In Place Through July 31

On Saturday, Governor's Murphy's account was finally used to put out a post stating that he/his administration is committed to making housing more affordable and accessible.

If only New Jerseyans had a Governor all these years to make this happen, so that younger folks would not be forced to either move in with their parents, or leave their home state in order to make ends meet. Oh, wait....who has been in charge until now?



Great news for New Yorkers this week!! Or is it? - Governor Cuomo announced in a post that New York is now home to a major theme park in the Northeast, for the first time in 40 years.

Your rent won’t be canceled after the Governor ordered the stay at home order in 2020 and getting some of you fired, you also still have to swim your way to take the subway during rainy days, and jobs creation still come with benefits as if you were residing in a small affordable town somewhere, but hey maybe you can all build a tent city right in LegoLand New York!!

New Yorkers like 'josh drimmerDrum @JDrimmer5000,' did not hold back from making sense of whatever the hell this announcement was.


Residents have began collecting signatures to recall their Mayor.

You can learn more about the pettion via the - City Elections Office - at Portland.gov.

Click here to read more or to get involved.


Darnella Frazier's, Darnella Frazier, Teen Who Filmed George Floyd Murder, lost her uncle, Leneal Lamont Frazier, Tuesday during a police Chase.

Here is the GoFundMe set up for her uncle that has now reached over $28K.


The FBI has infiltrated a "Bible study" group in Virginia after the January 6 Insurrection,

that had members discussing surveilling the US Capitol and their wish for secession from the country after the January 6 riot, according to recently unsealed court records.

This raises serious civil rights and freedom of religion questions, including even when it comes to a federal agent of Jewish ancestry assigned to surveillance individuals of Christian faith while they engage in fellowship and worship.

To date, 545 people have been charged in the Capitol insurrection.


DC- Rudy Giuliani has been suspended from practicing law in Washington, DC, pending the outcome of ongoing suspension proceedings in New York


Congressman Andy Kim (D- NJ) donated his suit he wore to clean up after the U.S. Capitol insurrection on Januray 6. to Smithsonian.

"While some try to erase history, I will fight to tell the story so it never happens again. Let me share with you my story." – U.S. Rep. Andy Kim (D-NJ) said in a social media post on Tuesday.


This week also marks the six months since courageous photojournalist Julian Leshay took this iconic and historic photograph(s) of Thomas Webster attacking Metro PD officer Rathbun outside of the Capitol, January 6, later to be introduced in the second impeachment trial of then President Donald J. Trump by Congressman Castro.

More here:


President Biden has made it clear this week: it is time to reign in the power of Big Tech. Local news from all communities has suffered at their will for too long.

You can read the complete fact sheet of the executive order here.


President Biden gave a free community college pitch as infrastructure talks continue to drag on. This is a proposal he laid out earlier this year that, if passed through legislation, would provide millions of Americans with two years of community college.

Meanwhile, his infrastructure push continues its long slog through Congress.

“I’m here to make the case for the second critical part of my domestic agenda,” Biden told a crowd at McHenry County College in Crystal Lake, Illinois. “It’s a combination of parts of my American Jobs Plan that were essential and not included in the bipartisan infrastructure plan as well as my American Families Plan.”

The president Twitter added to the free community college pitch in a post.

"If you ask the top 1% to pay the same tax rate they paid in 2001, when George W. Bush was President, that would generate $13 billion a year. That’s enough to provide two years of community college free to every student in America," Biden wrote, noting that the U.S. needs a "fairer" tax system.

This is great. Now apply the same common sense to housing!!


Your Sunday reminder that the continued expansion of Israeli settlements in Palestine is illegal under international law –


Bezos and Amazon began a new chapter this week

Bezos stepped down as CEO on Monday, and Andy Jassy, who ran Amazon’s cloud-computing business, replaced Bezos, a change the company announced in February.

As the biggest shareholder with a stake worth about $180 billion, he will still hold sway over the company he started out of his Seattle garage in 1995. He took over the role of executive chair, with plans to focus on new products and initiatives.

Meanwhile, Amazon is now a $1.7 trillion company.

Instead of hating Bezos and Amazon today, ask yourself who’s responsible for this company reaching $1.7 trillion? Every company needs customers in order to succeed. Hope this helps.

Trump Sued Facebook, Twitter and Google Over Social Media Bans this week.


BERGEN COUNTY ANNOUCES RETURN OF SUMMER CONCERTS & MOVIES IN THE PARK: From movies to concerts, available for free at five county park system sites beginning on July 8.

Governor Murphy and First Lady Tammy Murphy Public Schedule

No public schedule.


If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. – Nikola Tesla


Be alone, that is the secret of invention; be alone, that is when ideas are born. – Nikola Tesla


“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.” – Nikola Tesla


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