Stacey Abrams joins list of people nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Lars Haltbrekken, a Norway Politician, nominated former Georgia gubernatorial democratic candidate and voting rights activist Stacy Abrams for the annual Nobel Prize on Monday. Haltbrekken said in a statement that he nominated Abrams because her “work follows in dr. Martin Luther King Jr. footsteps in the fight for equality for the law and civil rights for all.”

EUROPE – Lars Haltbrekken, a Socialist Left Party member of the Norwegian Parliament since 2017, has nominated Stacey Abrams for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize on Monday.

“Her example is a role model, and her work is an inspiration to anyone who wants to achieve democratic change. Through her work, Stacey Abrams has contributed to the people's disbursement and has become a symbol of the fight for everyone's right to participate in democracy.”

“Abrams' efforts to complete King's work are crucial if the United States of America shall succeed in its effort to create fraternity between all its peoples and a peaceful and just society.” Haltbrekken said in a statement on Facebook.

Nobel Prize definition. (Illustration by/Alie Pierce)
Nobel Prize definition. (Illustration by/Alie Pierce)

Abrams, and her organization Fair Fight Action were integral in increasing the new voter

turnout in this election cycle, turning a long-time red state blue. Their efforts helped to send two Democrats to the Senate in January, a feat that would have been unthinkable in years prior.

Abrams was the first Black woman to become a Georgia gubernatorial nominee of either party in 2018, a race lost by 55,000 votes in an election stained by allegations of voter suppression. Instead of claiming defeat, she formed an organization to register and empower voters, wrote a book about voter suppression and co-produced an Amazon Prime documentary, "All In: the Fight for Democracy."

“The fundamental power of democracy lies in the right to vote, and if you protect that right, you create possibilities for everything else."

Under Nobel Peace Prize rules, a nomination may be submitted by any member of a national parliament for the award. Others who can submit a nomination include members of the International Court of Justice in The Hague, members of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom international board, current and former members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, former prize recipients, and former advisers to the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

The Nobel committee will submit a list for approval by the Academy, before the

2021 laureate will be announced in October.

As Haltbrekken noted, Martin Luther King Jr. was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in 1964. Other prominent winners include Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama, and former vice president, Al Gore.

As WeekenderNJ previously reported, other nominees this year include the Black Lives Matter movement, Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the “Pentagon Papers” about the Vietnam War, U.S. Congresswoman Barbara Lee, WikiLeaks, detained Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, World Health Organization (WHO), and climate campaigner Greta Thunberg.

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