Social distancing ideas for the 2020 Holiday season

Heads up Weekenders! We’re working hard to be accurate – but these are unusual times, so please always check with the venue(s) to determine its operating status.

With the holiday season upon us amid the coronavirus pandemic, it’s tempting to jump on the couch in your most comfortable loungewear, and spend your time doing a whole lot of nothing. And after the year we’ve had, we can’t blame you!!

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But staying in can be just as fun and productive as going out, with WeekenderNJ's tips to keep boredom at bay and keep your mind off the pandemic (for a moment) during this unusual holiday season. From learning new skills to feed your curiosity, or embrace your inner DIY guru, to a virtual vacation, to going on a social distance road trip in your community, to volunteering, we’ve got you covered…

New Jersey is a huge state with the most densely population - and dare we say, underrated - from vibrant art scenes, to world-class museums, to deep forests with twisting trails that make the outside world disappear. There’s the beach and boardwalks, fabulous restaurants, and heritage sites that tell our home state’s story while maintaining an evolving heartbeat.

Here is a fun list of things you can do if you’re starting to feel worn down during this holiday season.

Demarest Farms:

Experience the most magic of the year this season by going on a vehicle guided tour through 32 acres of brilliant holiday light displays, warm up by the fire pit and enjoy cocoa and treats in your retail farm market. Make your own S’mores. Listen to Santa’s singing Reindeer and more.

Lakota Wolf Preserve

Ever wanted to see one or more wolves in real life? Whether you crave a wolf tour, or wildlife photography, this is something that you should do at least once. Open rain or sunshine, by online reservation only & limited to 50 people.

Friends of the Bergen County - Winter Wonderland:

The Rink at Winter Wonderland, in Van Saun Park, Paramus, New Jersey. Tickets must be purchased in advance.

If you reside in Englewood, NJ and celebrate Christmas

This year, the City of Englewood Parks and Recreation will sponsor a Christmas Decoration contest - you can enter by nominating a residence or place of business by tagging @englewoodvirtualrecreation by 12/18/2020.

Contest winners will receive a card from ShopRite.

1st Prize $100.00

2nd Prize $50.00

3rd Prize $25.00

The Christmas Tree Lighting will be live-streamed today, December 6th, 2020.

The Menorah Lighting will also be live-streamed on December 13th, 2020.

Contact Englewood City Manager's office for further details at 201.657.3678

You can also check your city/town to see what virtual events are being offered this holiday season.

Volunteer to help out in your community, build a skill, have fun & make a difference

This year, helping our neighbors and community is more needed than ever. There are so many ways you can make a difference in someone’s life. From offering to help your neighbor, a local school, or church, to offering your skill sets to someone in need. This is also a great way to restore our communities with hope and humaneness. You can also check out Madelyn Hoffman’s ‘Mutual aid New Jersey’ article published in this edition for more inspirational ways to give back to our communities.

Decorate for the Holidays

Screw it, we are going to decorate and we’re going to decorate all the way!! - If you haven’t declared Christmas during this pandemic season, it’s not too late to start. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, there is something magical in tiny light strings all over your house during the dark winter nights. So, what are you waiting for?

Write to Santa

It may have been a year like we’ve never experienced before, but writing to Santa Claus hasn’t changed. The deadline is December 12th, so grab your favorite paper and color pens, or check out this cool Santa kit and write away.

Adopt a Santa letter to help a child or family

The USPS Operation Santa is open nationwide for the first time!! You can adopt a letter to help a child or family from December 4th, 2020.

Set up a Virtual Santa Visit

JingleRing - Before you say ‘no more zoom meetings,’ this one is perhaps the most entertaining virtual experience with Santa and Mrs. Claus from the safety and comfort of your home! And you can invite family & friends from around the world to join this virtual event.

Sam’s Club

If you are a Sam’s Club member with a photo account, you can book a free virtual Santa visit. Your child/ren will get to chat with Santa for five minutes, and you’ll receive a keepsake photo and video call afterwards.

Macy’s Santaland

Macy’s is doing an in person as well as virtual meet and greet this year. In addition to a free pre-recorded interactive video with Santa Clause himself, Macys has set up a complete Christmas magic experience. Kids can meet Santa’s elves, play Christmas games, and even take a selfie with St. Nick. Full disclosure, you don’t have to be a kid to take part in any of these festivities either. After the crazy year we’ve had, give yourself permission to rediscover the magic of Christmas.

25 Days of Christmas (@25days) launched a contest to celebrate the Home Alone 30th Anniversary. You can enter for a chance to win $5,000 here.


Whether you have kids or not, legos are perfect for keeping everyone’s mind busy and you get a cool building lego sculpture at the end. You can look up lots of different lego options online.

Old classic game board

If you’re lucky to be isolating yourself with company, embrace some old school entertainment and dust off some old board games for a light competition. However, if you decide to play Monopoly, please do so at your own risk.


Just search your favorite coasters on YouTube, and you'll likely find video footage of the ride. One of our favorites is the El Toro RollerCoaster at Six Flags Great Adventure - you can enjoy this virtual ride here.

Museums and Galleries around the world

Google Arts and Culture partnered with over2,500 museums and galleries around the world to offer virtual tours of their spaces. Some museums like the Newark Museum are offering virtual printmaking at home, in addition to virtual tours.

Disney World

You can transport yourself to Disney parks like Disney World, Disneyland for a 360-degree tour available through Google Street View, so that you can bring a little magic into your home.

Attend or hold a virtual zoom party

Why not attend or hold a quiz zoom party with your friends, to keep up with them, have a laugh, a glass of wine or three, and make the best of (the lockdown) this new reality. You’ll need your friends, choice of drinks, some snacks, and a fun trivia game (whether homemade or bought) can always come in handy.

Be a guest on a podcast or grab a friend and start your own podcast

Do you love podcasts as much as we do? If you have something that the world should hear and learn about, why not contact a podcaster or more and ask if you can be a guest. If you are witty and have something to share with the world, then maybe it’s time you looked into making a business out of podcasting. You can start small, but first you’ll have to come up with an idea from your comfy sofa. You can also check us out our sister podcast Listen Up East Coast! - share what you care to hear or talk about, or voice as of why you want to be a guest co-host on the show.

Become a guest writer

Are you interested in writing? Well, then you’re in the right place. We welcome all folks to submit their tips or story ideas, or send original articles our way. We ask that you use our form to get in touch with us first.

Write an old fashion letter

If you have ever received a handwritten letter in the mail, then you’ll probably remember how enjoyable it was to receive something personal that was not a social media post with a GIF attached to it. Do this for your family and friends - make their day. You only need paper and an envelope, but you can also spend some time online looking for a fancy personalized letter writing set.

Learn how to do calligraphy

If you want to take it a step further and elevate your writing skills - how about looking up some calligraphy fonts online that you can learn on your own pace. You can look up a ‘calligraphy set from beginners to advanced writers’ online, ranging for all types of budgets. Here is one of our favorite calligraphy sets.

Virtual Be a Vet - kids program

If your kids love turtles, and let’s be honest - Who doesn’t? - You can sign them up for this great virtual program ranging from ages 7-11 and 12-16. You can also virtually sponsor a turtle and obtain other exciting information about this amazing organization here. The sea turtle inc., has also a great and friendly team, so it’s worth remembering for a post Cov19 bucket list travel plans.

Get Motivated

From books you can take out from the local library, to kindle, to online reading and zoom book club meetings, to motivational online speakers and bedtimes stories. It can help you build a plan for achieving your personal, business goals, or share some Christmas magic with your whole family.

Here are a few books that we recommend during this holiday season:

Press Pause and Hit Play

Put on some of your favourite tunes and get dancing in your living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Hairbrush microphone and karaoke kit optional.

Give yourself a manicure and pedicure

The first lockdown taught many how much the small things in life like a fresh manicure can make us feel better. From a deep hand therapy treatment, to clear nail polish, to cheat sheet nail, to at-home gel machine set. Do what makes your heart happy.

Take up a new online class or course of a subject you wanted to explore

  • Harvard is offering free and paid online courses via EdX, as well as via their own website.

  • Coursera is offering a variety of free and paid courses.

  • Class Central is offering ‘the best online courses of all time’ (or so they claim).

  • Stanford is offering free and flexible classes.

  • Yale is offering open courses from previous years.

  • Carnegie Mellon University is offering an open learning initiative for free or for a low cost.

Take a virtual tour to a landmark

Of course, most of us want to be traveling right now, but with the global pandemic…..Google’s Arts & Culture section comes in handy for virtual tours of landmarks.

Photo by Bruno Cervera

Wildwatch Kenya

You can virtually be transported to Northern Kenya to help identify, count and track types of giraffes and other wildlife in a conservation area.

Make a travel bucket list

Look at it as an opportunity to rebuild your post COV19 travel plans. Since we didn't’ get the heads up that the world was closing down, now’s the time to revamp those traveling plans with the new world in mind. So, what’s on your new bucket list?


Whether you call yourself a star-gazer, or just curious to learn more about what goes on beyond our home planet - you can download NASA’s mobile app for free to take a virtual tour of its facilities.

Curious to track the @Space_Station? - While Airplanes fly approximately about 600 mpd, the station orbits earth at 17,500 mph and looks like a very bright star moving across the sky. You can find out when and where the station will pass overhead here.

Be Creative

Ever wanted to learn how to create your own art or brush up on your artistic skills? You’re in luck. Online places like are offering a liaison for everyone. You can also check out Bob Ross “The Joy of Painting” available for free on Pluto TV. And you can also subscribe and watch his videos here.

Learn to play an instrument

Whether you want to learn how to play the guitar, piano, flute, the drum, or are just fed up with your loud obnoxious neighbor, there are tons of free and paid lessons online such as