Q&A With An Afghan Female Journalist

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(Photo: Voice of Sky)

We speak with [redacted], a former female Afghan journalist who is now in hiding in Afghanistan.

With the mark of the end of the 2001 - 2021 War in Afghanistan, the United States Armed Forces completed their withdrawal from Afghanistan on 30 August 2021, leaving almost all Americans, LPR’s and our allies behind the enemy line without a government plan to retrieve them.

The conversation has been edited for clarity.



Q: Can you tell me/us a little bit about yourself?

A: I am a journalist based out of Afghanistan.

Q: When did you find out about the US withdrawal?

A: when the Afghanistan Government fell to the Taliban.

Q: What steps have you taken to leave Afghanistan?

A: I have sent many e-mails to official governments.

Q: Do you feel betrayed by America & Allied forces?

A: They didn’t care about us during a sensitive situation.

Q: President Biden said that the evacuation was a success. What is your response to Biden?

A: It was almost successful. There are a lot of people who deserved to be evacuated but weren’t.

Q: What would you like to tell President Biden?

A: I would like for him to help us as soon as possible.

Q: There appears to be more focus on the Taliban than the Afghan people from President Biden. Is that appropriate?

A: No, because the Taliban restricted people from their own rights.

Q: Can you describe your day-to-day life under the Taliban?

A: I am suffering each day with stress, disappointment, concerns about my future. I lost my job and am now at home feeling unsafe.

Q: Have you received threats from the Taliban?

A: Yes, I have. Due to working as a journalist in Afghanistan, my life is in danger.

Q: I want to ask you a question that may be difficult to answer: Can you describe what will happen to you & your family if you cannot leave Afghanistan?

A: My life and my family’s life will be completely destroyed.

Q: Do you think that there is a future for you & your family under the Taliban regime?

A: No, definitely not.

Q: Are you married, do you have children?

A: No, I am single.

Do you have any passports or any other documents?

A: I have a passport and my ID card.

Q: Is there a message you’d like to share with the American people?

A: Yes, there is. I would like for them to keep their attention on us.

Q: How would you like the American people and government to help?

A: By taking us out of Afghanistan.

Q: Do you still trust America?

A: Yes we trust the American government.

Q: Do you believe that Presiden Biden will follow through on their promise to evacuate -allies- you and your family?

A: Yes, of course.

Q: What is your biggest fear?

A: My biggest fear is to remain in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime.

Q: Is there anything that gives you hope?

A: I hope that we can be taken out and continue to have a normal life.


Editor’s Note: Alie Pierce is a human rights advocate directly involved in Afghanistan's 'evacuation' efforts.

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