Over 130,600 'Earthlings' don't want for Jeff Bezo's to return to earth

- Do not allow Jeff Bezos to return to Earth -

FERNDALE, MI — Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, one of the shittiest people on planet earth, and also one of the most hated people, plans to go to space next month on his New Shepard spacecraft.

Several online petitions followed, with one petition that stood out for it’s witty and just plain funny take, about a man who could do so much good for the fellow humans directly responsible for making him filthy rich, yet who is treating his employees as if he is running a factory in China...well, at least even in China one would get a bathroom break.

As Ric G. wrote on the Change.org petition site - “billionaires “should not exist...on earth, or in space,” he said “but should they decide on the latter, they should stay there.”

Giger directed the petition to ‘The Proletariat’ — a term used in reference to Marxism to describe the working-class people.

The comments from supporters were just as delicious as the petition itself - from people sarcastically commenting that Bezo’s should only return to earth, after he started paying ‘some’ taxes, to people agreeing that he should stay away from Earth - “This way we both get what we want!” - another supporter commented.

Now, Bezo is not the only ultra rich man, or the only predatory employer, but he’s also not the only one who paid zero federal income taxes in 2007 and 2011 (as reported by ProPublica). Others making the list of not contributing their fare share, or treating their employees as fellow humans, are Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, who paid no income in taxes in 2018, including former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, who’s recruiting department and work culture is like a playbook out of an authoritarian country.

After reading this simple and witty petition and the comments, I’ve decided to connect with Ric, to learn more about his petition, but also curious to learn more about the existence of ‘free thinking people’ in other parts of our nation.


The petition was started by Ric Giger, 31, an account manager in the automotive supply chain, based out of Ferndale, Michigan, a Detroit suburb.

What started out as a joke that Giger thought was hysterical - because let’s face it, you can’t keep Bezo’s from re-entering the Earth - combined with the hard truth of the state of our nation and world, turned out to be the best opportunity to reach the working class on a global scale.

“We are fed up,” said Giger in an email – “I can tell you I didn't expect that it would get this big. My genuine intention was to use humor to commiserate and help mitigate some of the existential dread among my peers.”

Giger added how, from questionable insurance company practices, to airlines being subsidized, all while the working class is barely hanging on, to his hope of Congressional Representative Haley Stevens (MI District 11) to stand in solidarity with the majority (a total of 116 cosponsors) of her Democratic caucus in supporting single payer Medicare For All...to start a much needed dialougue to issues that simply must be addressed and fixed.

He also added that he hopes that Bezo finds what he’s looking for and fulfills his childhood dream, and perhaps he will get to “rekindle some level of innocence and humility that he once possessed as a child that would lead him to greater compassion for his fellow mankind.”

As of this morning, over 130,600 people had signed the petition to keep Jeff Bezos in space. Some of their reasons are about ultra rich who paid no taxes. The comments have now been closed by Change.org, although this is a powerful petition that continues to be signed and supported by people from all over the globe at this very moment.

No comment was received by the Change.org by the time of this publication.

Between the delicious petition and slogans for the 99%, to the irony of a Government that is no longer a Government by the people for the people (if they were, at least they could explain why the hell Amazon is allowed to collect Medicaid numbers and what exactly he’s doing with those numbers and private information, including to step in and put an end to the labor law violations on US soil, among with other batshit crazy loopholes he’s allowed to enjoy.), and a shitty ultra rich person without a soul, Giger seems to have appealed to the universe itself, to keep Bezos perpetually in orbit.

Next month will tell whether the universe listened, and whether Bezo’s will return back to the home planet that the 99 percent are working hard to maintain for him to continue to enjoy, and whether or not he was able find the humility he once may have possessed as a child.

This article may continue to be updated.

If you'd like to read more about this petion and/or support: Do not allow Jeff Bezos to return to Earth


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