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Welcome to 2021! We at WeekenderNJ have seen 2020 as a year of solitary contemplation, multiple hardships, tremendous turmoil, lack of leadership, and immeasurable loss. However, we have also noticed signs of hope and optimism that we don't want to ignore, such as courage, creativity, self and community improvement and mutual aid, transformation, growth and opportunity. We choose to start the year by reflecting on a few of the most positive aspects of the past year, ones that would otherwise go down in history as part of one of the worst years on record in many of our lifetimes.

Illustration by J. Longo

Since our launch on November 1, 2020, we have created an independent media community outlet that works to accurately reflect the people, the culture, the spirit, and the passion of great New Jersey neighborhoods, with vibrant communities, focused on authentic, relevant, and informative news coverage, building a strong foundation in line with our core editorial interests. With the awareness that together we can create a better society and more sustainable environment, we are committed to providing a voice to people who aspire to make our community better, help develop connections with these people, and report on important issues, always striving to stand with the community to defend it against those powerful forces that would seek to destroy what makes our neighborhoods so special.

Starting with our first issue in 2021, we will look at our state, country, home planet, and under-the-radar everyday individuals, community leaders, and organizations who don't get enough credit for what they contribute to making our communities a better place to live.

We are engaging with our neighbors and community leaders and will ask experts to chime in from time to time on the social justice issues in our state, nation, and our world. In-depth coverage, as in reporting and diving in behind the story, telling our readers what they want – and need to know. We will strive to be an important part of the community’s culture, and report on issues that make a difference in our readers’ neighborhoods – and their lives.

We will strive to feature stories in WeekenderNJ that you’ll find nowhere else. And if we follow the ‘news,’ we’ll always try to have our own angle or take the story further. We’ll cover what we want, and where we want, but our home state will remain the base.

The corporate mass media filtered the full truth and gave up on whatever ethics and morals they had left. Public servants behaved as superstars, declining to listen or represent their constituents, and refusing to respond to independent media when asked for comment. Most celebrities were tweeting from their Million dollar mansions, showing how out of contact with the poor struggling working class they were. And corporate-controlled media provided misleading information and showcased how amazing it is to be elderly, without savings, or health insurance and deliver pizza amidst a deadly pandemic without a cure (this was one of the stories where we all collectively cursed anchors with $600+ haircuts on social media.) as their #BeKind story series. Corporate media left out the people who work behind the scenes, without whom we would not have a working community. On the front line: Emergency response workers, teachers, farm workers, food service workers, IT, activists, candidates running for office, immigrants who do so much for our society, yet we as Americans do so little for them. The list is long. And let’s not forget the people considered ‘essential workers’ that deserve our gratitude and recognition and a livable wage and health care.

There was unexpected bravery, too. Dr. Li Wenliang, a 34-year-old ophthalmologist and whistleblower in Wuhan, China was an unlikely hero to whom the world owes gratitude for his courageous act of speaking out to warn us in the face of a communist republic. He was the first to issue warnings to the planet about Cov-19. Tragically, he would later die from Covid-19.

As we look through the list of individuals and organizations of importance in our state, there is no doubt that New Jersey is home to some exceptional individuals. Being able to carry this list to WeekenderNJ's January 2021 edition is something that we are all deeply motivated, honored, and grateful for.

We will look forward to adding to this list from this point forward because it helps put faces on the success of our state, nation, and home planet.

New Jersey is a state grounded in new and old relationships and networks of people. We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

We are hopeful and confident that we all have what it takes to create positive changes in our communities.

Here is to a brighter year ahead. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Let’s make 2021 a year of positive changes!

Afşar Arda, Documentary Filmmaker/Photographer

Ainsworth Minott

Allan Axelrod - is the lead for #NoAmerenShutoffs, a campaign to stop utility shut-offs in IL. Over 40 organizations have joined this effort.

American Civil Liberties Union

American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey

American Civil Liberties Union of New York

Anakbayan North Jersey

Anakbayan Philly

Anakbayan Queens

Anthony Diaz - has shown the power community organizing can have to empower community members. As the co-founder of Newark Water Coalition, Díaz has helped bring clean water to so many Newark Residents still suffering from Newark's lead crisis. His dedication led to getting a water box in the Ironbound section of the Newark community this year that has served so many residents who otherwise still would lack clean water.

Asbury Park Transformative Justice Project

Bergen County Green Party

Black Lives Matter - NJ

Black Visions

Brooklyn Community Bail Fund

Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War

Central Jersey DSA

Charlie Kratovil - community organizer and the founder and editor of local news outlet New Brunswick Today.

Chris Smalls - “Shut down Amazon”


DIRE (Deportation and Immigration Response Equipo)

Doctors for Camp Closure

Dr Li Wenliang, a 34 year Ophthalmologist, and whistleblower in the Chinese City of Wuhan. He gave the world the first warnings about Cov-19. He would later die from Cov-19.

Edison 4 Racial Justice

Eleana Little

Emily Gil - her small protest highlighted lack of affordable housing in Englewood Cliffs which has been in litigation for years. This small protest brought media attention when the Mayor fined her $2500 for the protest. Pressure from the community caused the Mayor to rescind the fine. Shortly thereafter, the town finally agreed to build affordable housing units in Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

Erik Forman

Eric Tars, Esq., legal director of National Law Homelessness Center

Essex Rising

Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County

Families for Freedom

First Friends of New Jersey & New York

Food & Water Watch - New Jersey

Food & Water Watch - Midwest

Freedom for Immigrants

Gabby Ambroise


Healthcare Equity Action League of NY

Hector Oseguera, Esq., nominated for the NNJC Social Justice Award Hunterdon County Anti-Racism Coalition

Hudson County Progressive Alliance

Indivisible NJ 5th District

International Action Center

International Migrants Alliance USA

Jay Sobers - effective organizer in Bergen County, founder and head admin of BLMBergenCounty.

Julian Leshay, Visual Storyteller - Photographer - vividly documenting the social justice movement with photographs from NJ, NY, DC, and PA, which are shared widely.


Kasson Little, impactful live streams on social justice and helpful information on COVID as a front-line healthcare worker

Ktown for all

Lawrence 'Larry' Hamm, Activist, Founder, and Chairman of the People’s Organization for Progress.

Madelyn Hoffman, the seasoned activist, was director of the Grass-Roots Environmental Organization and Director of New Jersey Peace Action.

Mark Apolloa, Director/Organizer and

founding member of OWS SPAG based in New York City


Mercer for Abolition

Migrante NJ

Montclair Beyond Policing

Mutual Morris - A mutual aid network of neighbors helping neighbors. Donations can be made here.

Na Lekan Masego - The following day after being trampled upon by a car who drove into ICE protestors in NYC, he nonetheless showed up in crutches for the ICE protest in Bergen County, NJ.

New Jersey Advocates for Immigrant Detainees

New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice

New Jersey State Industrial Union Council

New York State Youth Leadership Council

Nick Haas, Leader of Rase.NJ (The Ramsey Alliance for Social Equity) and Common Food for Common Good.

North Jersey Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)

Northern New Jersey Jewish Voice for Peace

New York Boricua Resistance

New York City DSA

Occupy Bergen County

Occupy Wall St.

Party for Socialism and Liberation

Princeton Mutual Aid

Queer Detainee Empowerment Project

Queens Neighborhoods United

Rent Strike 2020

Ricci Sergienko, activist, organizer Sunrise Movement Los Angeles, People’s City Council

Ridgewood for Black Liberation

Showing Up for Racial Justice New Jersey

Solidarity & Mutual Aid Jersey City

South Jersey Solidarity Collective

Southeast Asian Deportation Defense Project

Sunrise Movement

The Center for Undocumented Students

Trade Justice New York Metro

Unidad Latina en Acción

Uptown Progressive Action


Zellie Thomas - dedicated to his community of Paterson and beyond, he has rallied crowds for actions across Northern New Jersey, inspiring everyone to work toward social justice. Also distributes much-needed meals to seniors that they may not have otherwise received during the pandemic.

This article was amended on March 23rd, 2021 to add a new leader.

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