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ISIS terror warning issued for Virginia malls: Law enforcement increase presence at malls

VIRGINIA (Fairfax) – Law enforcement agencies are on high alert for a potential ISIS terror attack on shopping malls or shopping centers located in the Washington, D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia over the Halloween weekend. The alert comes days before the gubernatorial election on Tuesday.

Northern Virginia is home to thousands of government employees, military and intelligence personnel.

Nearly 10,000 Afghan “Refugees” have been resettled in Virginia, most of them without aiding the United States, and most of them being evacuated in rather questionable ways.

The Arlington County Police Department issued a statement calling it a "potential public safety threat."

"As always, the public is encouraged to remain attentive as you go about your normal routine, particularly in areas where large crowds of people typically gather. If you observe suspicious behavior or situations in Arlington, report by calling 703-558-2222 or 9-1-1 in an emergency"

You can also contact the FBI here:

Editor's note: Main graphic via Arlington County PD twitter post.

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