Queens Protest in Solidarity with Palestine

Queens, NY – On Saturday, a large rally to ‘Defend Palestine’ was held in the Sunnyside neighborhood in Queens, NY, to show solidarity with the people of Palestine.

It was one of many rallies planned across the nation and world in opposition to Israel's brutals attacks on Palestinians from east Jerusalem, demanding for the United States to stop funding Israel.

The protest was organized by the New York group Within Our Lifetime (WOL), drawing thousands of people to the streets holding 'Abolish Israel,' 'We can't feed the poor, but we can fund a war,' and 'We need justice for stolent lives' signs to show their support for Palestinians.

Chants including 'free Palestine' rang out for an entire afternoon leading into the evening, during the march that started on Queens Blvd and 46th Street, the group marched peacefully through the streets chanting, their numbers swelling to the thousands. Among the protests included Ortodox Jewish - Americans.

This comes after an 11-day of violent conflict between Israel and Palestinian militant groups, that caused widespread destruction in the Gaza Strip, with a death toll over 250 Palestinians, including at least 65 children, and 12 Israelis, including two children. It marked the worst fighting in the region in decades.

Other protests included Times Square Manhattan, and Jersey City, NJ.

Pro-Palestinian protesters demonstrate in Queens, New York City on Saturday, May 22nd. After gathering on Queens Blvd and 46th Street, the group marched through the streets chanting, while their numbers grew to the thousands. (Photo/Julian Leshay)

People are sitting on top of a car with a man raising a Palestinian flag, during a march in Queens, New York City on Saturday, May 22nd. (Photo/Julian Leshay)

People participate in a pro-Palestinian rally on Saturday in the Queens borough of New York City holding signs, and flags, May 22nd. (Photo/Julian Leshay)

Thousands march through the streets of Queens, New York City holding signs that read “We can’t feed the poor, but we can fund war,’ and “We need justice for stolen lives!!!’ (Photo/Julian Leshay)

Two protestors are standing on top of a car raising Palestinian flags, during a march in Queens, New York on Saturday, May 22nd. (Photo/Julian Leshay)

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