How to help Ukraine

As the Russian invasion continues in Ukraine invasion continues, the humanitarian toll is also mounting: At least 660,000 people have fled the country in the last six days, according to the UN refugee agency. What happens at the European level is not far from our own homes – from family members, friends to neighbors in our community – this affects us all.

Photo: Sima Ghaffarz

For those seeking to help the Ukrainian people: A number of multi-national citizens, vets, and non-profits have stepped up to deliver funds, medical assistance, and humanitarian aid in the region, including Razom, Red Cross agencies, GlobalGiving, and Save our Allies, which will use donations on shelter, water, and economic assistance for refugees, medical supplies, first aid training, and medical assistance, among other actions.

Here is a list of organizations aiding Ukraine:

Main Photo: Katie Godowski, New York, NY.

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