Global protests in solidarity with Palestinians

While corporate media has been busy siding with Israel’s genocie and war crimes this week, large demonstrations made their way in cities around the world in condemnation of Israel’s actions.

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Some protesters carried banners reading “Free Palestine," "Do you support the violent dispossessions of me and my family?" and “Israel is a terrorist state.”

Palestine families from Sheikh Jarrah, a Palestinian neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem, have been brutally forced expelled by Jewish settlers, who have been engaging in such barbaric tactics for decades.

This week's events show why the US Military aid along with any other US aid given to Israel for decades must end. In fiscal year 2019, the US provided over $3.8 billions in foreign aid to Israel. Israel also benefits from $8 billion of loan guarantees. It also benefited from $1.6 billion funding for it’s ‘Iron Dome.’

The sinister agreement between US and Israel is as sinister as it sounds - Most of the ‘aid money’ given by US requires Israel to spend it on military equipment by U.S. companies, and in turn, DC is required not to sell weapons to other Middle Eastern countries proving to be more sophisticated than those possessed by Israel.

As a result, Israel is exporting military weapons now, and procured nuclear missile submarines built by Germany.

Americans should no longer be forced by the U.S. Government to involuntary take part in genocide and war crimes by barbaric acts of Israel.

Earlier today, Israel launched an airstrike on

the Al-Jalaa tower in Gaza,

destroying the building which housed The Associated Press,

Al Jazeera, AFP and other international

media organisations. This is not defence.

The mounting tension escalated when Israeli police stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem’s Old City - the fhird-holiest site in Islam - and wounded hundred of Palestinians during their worship. Protests erupted inside Israel as well as the occupied territories. The Palestinian Faction-Hamas, which governs Gaza, launched rockets towards Israel.

Protests and calls for Israel to stop genocide and war crimes against Palestinians errupted globally, while corporate media continued to take Israels side and support human rights violations along with it.

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Numerous global protests are currently ongoing and continuing into the next week. This article may continue to be updated.