Darnella Frazier, Who Filmed George Floyd's Murder, Nominated for Special Pulitzer Award

Frazier was honored with a special Pulitzer award citation for her brave video recording, which “spurred protests against police brutality around the world.”

Darnella Frazier, the teenage girl who used her cell phone to record the police murder of George Floyd last summer – a video footage that shocked not only our nation, but the world – has received an honorary Pulitzer Prize for her courage.

Frazier, now 18, was honored with a special citation for her video footage, which “prompted protests against police brutality around the world.”

She will receive a $15,000 award for the citation.

On her Instagram account she wrote a post on George Floyed one year death anniversary:

In that moment, Frazier was a witness, a high school student, and a Black teenager, who bravely used her cell phone to record four trained police officers and Floyd taking his final breaths.

“Behind this smile, behind these awards, behind the publicity, I’m a girl trying to heal from something I’m reminded of every day. Everyone talks about the girl who recorded George Floyd’s death, but to actually be her is a different story,” Frazier wrote.

“My video didn’t save George Floyd,” she added, “but it put his murderer away and off the streets.”

Without her quick thinking, Chauvin never would have been tried, Floyd would have been blamed by the state for his own death, and the world would have continued to partially remain ignorant to police brutality and crimes against black and marginalized people in our communities.

Frazier’s video, also known as exhibit 15, does not only represent the footage of a brave teenager seen by millions of people of all backgrounds, a key piece of evidence played repeatedly during the trial, along with her emotional testimony, but also an act of journalistic truth-telling.

This brave teenager's story goes to show that one person can make a positive difference. We, as a nation, have so much more to do to really truly achieve equality, but Frazier made a huge difference in this world.

As WeekenderNJ previously reported, other nominees this year include the Black Lives Matter movement, Stacey Abrams, Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the “Pentagon Papers” about the Vietnam War, U.S. Congresswoman Barbara Lee, WikiLeaks, detained Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, World Health Organization (WHO), and climate campaigner Greta Thunberg.

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