Another Cop Charged in US Capitol Insurrection

A former Cook County sheriff’s deputy and current Chicago police officer was arrested Friday on federal charges of breaching the U.S. Capitol on January 6 and entering Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley’s (D) office, alongside violent domestic terrorists [according to FBI Director Wray.]

(Karol J. Chwiesiuk inside the U.S. Capitol wearing a CPD hoodie. Photo via U.S. District Court records)

Karol J. Chwiesiuk 29, is at least the 10th person from Illinois alone, charged in connection with the U.S. Capitol breach, and he is the fourth from the Chicago area.

Chwiesiuk, a 2.5-year member of CPD's force, worked in Chicago's 11th District in the Humboldt Park neighborhood.

Officer Chwiesiuk, was charged in a 19-page criminal complaint in U.S. District Court in Washington with five misdemeanor counts, including violently entering a restricted building, disrupting government business and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds with intent to impede a congressional proceeding.

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Chwiesiuk took a selfie showing him grinning and wearing a hoodie with the Chicago Police Department logo on it. Later he texted a friend that he’d “knocked out a commie.”

According to the criminal complaint [Warning: graphic language] he allegedly send texts to a friend two days before he travel to Washington to attend the "Save America" rally for then-President Trump, saying “Busy planning how to fuck up commies.”

On January 6, the day of the Capitol siege, Chwiesiuk texted the same friend, “We inside the capital lmfao.”

After the nation along with the rest of the globe watched the insurrection, the same friend [not named in the criminal complaint] texted Chwiesiuk to report he’d seen guns drawn and windows broken out in the U.S. Senate chamber.

Chwiesiuk allegedly replied - “Yeah I was there,” adding later: “N- don’t snitch.”

It is still unclear if the [redacted] friend will face any charges for failure to report Chwiesiuk.

Chwiesiuk, a former Cook County sheriff’s deputy who lives with his parents on Chicago’s Northwest Side, appeared via telephone conference before U.S. Magistrate Judge Gabriel Fuentes, who ordered him released on bond. As part of the conditions of his release, Chwiesiuk was ordered to surrender any firearms as well as his firearm owner’s identification card.

The charges each carry up to a year in prison if convicted. An initial appearance was set for Thursday in Washington.

It is also still fucking mindblowing how the U.S. Government doesn’t want to deal with white supremacists [hate and extremists] not only among police, army, navy, local municipalities, local unions, hell, even among their own colleagues, but the message being sent to the people is sure as hell as dark as it sounds. If America is to continue to stand by the next election, then we collectively must address and deal with hateful extremists in our communities.

Until the next insurrectionist arrest!

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What the hell am I looking at??

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