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Historic Memorial in Englewood: Mayor Wildes interviews renowned sculptor Howard Sabin

Classic sculptor Sabin Howard, a world-renowned sculptor, is working on a monumental WWI sculpture for a Washington DC memorial downtown Englewood, NJ.

The story continues after the video.

Englewood (NJ) – Located in the heart of Bergen County, eight miles (12km) from Manhattan, New York City, Englewood offers the best of both worlds – a beautiful city with unparalleled diversity and lively downtown filled with restaurants, shops, and the Bergen Performing Arts Center.

On the surface, it’s the enchanting atmosphere that people fell in love with – the diverse population, the food, the art community, the quiet life, and its historic grace and charm. Delving a little deeper, this beautiful city is also one of the best-kept secrets in the political arena, and on many occasions perhaps more political and influential than Washington D.C. at times.

Whether you wish to live a quiet private life, talk to a master artist, or spend your weekend by having dinner with a former or current president, the City of Englewood offers a variety of worlds.

Adding to Englewood’s diverse community are master sculptor Sabin Howard, his wife, Traci L. Slatton, a bestselling author and filmmaker, and their amazing team - Zach Libresco, Paul-Emile Cendron, Mark Puchinsky, Christian Ashdale, and their furry assistants. Since 2019, this team has worked around the clock in their 5,000 square-foot- studio with an 18-foot ceiling and skylight, downtown on South Van Brunt Street. Their current project is a new national World War I (WWI) memorial to reside in downtown Washington's Pershing Park, as one of the largest freestanding bronze reliefs in the western hemisphere.

On Tuesday, July 13, Englewood’s Mayor Michael Wildes joined the WeekenderNJ team to interview Sabin Howard, the lead sculptor, at his classic studio, about the process of creating this memorial. In this interview between Mayor Wildes and Howard, they discuss this project's journey, the vision for one of the larger art projects of the 21st century, the timeline, the tremendous responsibility, and more.

The elaborative project is set to be completed and moved to its permanent location in fall 2023 or spring 2024.

Update: As of Saturday, WeekenderNJ reached a readership in 92 countries.

Editor’s note: We are extremely grateful to Sabin Howard, Traci L. Slatton, Zach Libresco, Paul-Emile Cendron, Mark Puchinsky, Christian Ashdale, and doggos, for the warm welcome in their classic sculpture studio, and for taking precious time away for this interview.

Let us use this opportunity to wish Traci a happy belated birthday!!

We would also like to express our gratitude to Mayor Michael Wildes for joining our WNJ team and leading the interview. His leadership here to Master Sculptor Sabin Howard and ‘A Soldier’s Journey,’ and the Englewood art scene brings our community closer together while highlighting the best of the City.

Thank you for all your encouraging messages and support to all of you readers, subscribers, and contributors in the United States and abroad. When you’re looking for creativity, positive change, courage, truth, and inspiration, we hope that we’ll continue to be the place you think of first. Thank you for growing with us! Stay tuned for more news on our expansion.


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