In Photos: Community Reacts to Chauvin Guilty Verdict

GUILTY of all charges!! - After three weeks of testimony and 10 hours of deliberations, Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd, on April 20.

MINNESOTA – The fired Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has been convicted Tuesday of murder and manslaughter in the death of George Floyd. Chauvin, who pinned a 46-year-old Black man to the pavement with his knee on the back of Floyd’s neck, set off worldwide protests, violence, and reexamination of racism and policing in America last May.

The verdict set off an immediate celebration around the city and nation. People flooded the streets, screaming, running through traffic with banners, honking car horns, dancing, hugging, and breaking down in tears. But the joy was also met with the realization that a radical change must take place to bring about lasting change.

This gallery contains captured moments of a community being able to ‘breath’ seconds after the guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial was announced outside the Hennepin County courthouse, Minnesota.

Celebrations continued in the streets just outside of the Hennepin County Courthouse, flags and signs on display as people express their satisfaction with the guilty verdicts Derek Chauvin received in the murder of George Floyd, on Tuesday, on April 20. Photo/PJD (for WNJ)

A person reacts to the guilty verdict, with both first in the air, yelling in celebration while walking down the street outside of the Hennepin County Courthouse, on Tuesday, April 20. Photo/PJD (for WNJ)

As celebrations, cheers, and chants fill the city, demonstrators hold up signs of two Minnesota men killed by Police; Daunte Wright & George Floyd, on Tuesday, April 20. Photo/PJD (for WNJ)

As they slowly drive down the road amidst the crowd spilling into the streets, two girls hang out the back windows of a car, holding up a flag reading "BLACK LIVES MATTER," on Tuesday, April 20. Photo/PJD (for WNJ)

A little boy stands through the opening of a sunroof, holding a sign reading "BLACK LIVES MATTER", a large smile across his face in the moments after the verdicts of Derek Chauvin came back guilty in the courthouse behind him, on Tuesday, on April 20. Photo/PJD (for WNJ)

A man celebrates by cheering into his bullhorn, his other hand raised up into the sky, on Tuesday, April 20. Photo/PJD (for WNJ)

Kalpulli Yaocenoxtli, the traditional Mexica-Nahua cultural group dressed in feathers, ribbons, and colorful attire, dance in the streets to a drum beat, on Tuesday, April 20. Photo/PJD (for WNJ)

A mother, who is white, grabs a piece of bright pink chalk and writes on the black-painted plywood wrapping around the sides of the U.S. Bank Plaza across from the Hennepin County Courthouse; her message reads "I love my black daughter!!" - on Tuesday, on April 20. Photo/PJD (for WNJ)

(Photos by PJD / Editing by Alie Pierce)

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