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Editorial Policy

We are a solution-focused community publication on a mission to change our society for a better tomorrow. Made up of Writers, Journalists, Photojournalists, Visual Storytellers, and Artists who pursue meaningful investigation and reporting. Our approach is to be accurate, fair, innovative, unique, and collaborative. We intend to remain all these things. We call this WeekenderNJ.

Articles that are unsigned, such as editorials, reflect the views of the editors. Bylined articles reflect the views of the authors, and may or may not reflect the views of the editors.

Deadlines for articles, visual storytelling, and art: The deadline for articles, visual stories, and other art is Friday of each week. We reserve the right to edit articles to conform to space limitations.

Accuracy and Corrections:

We strive to be accurate and fair in our reporting on all platforms and aim to be transparent about our evidence and our sources and provide supporting data and documentation whenever possible. Our goal is for our work to represent our best factual judgment. Here are our policies on accuracy and corrections: 


  • We are truthful about the sources of our information. 

  • We seek to attribute information or images to their original source if we did not collect it ourselves. 

  • We do not tolerate plagiarism or fabrication. 

  • We seek to be fair.

  • We will make a significant effort to obtain a response from people and institutions that we write about, and we will explain in the article what efforts we made to seek comment. 

  • When we learn that we have made a mistake, we will quickly seek to correct it in the place that the incorrect material originally appeared. We will make it easy for readers to contact us to seek corrections. 

  • We are transparent about the updates, corrections, clarifications, or other changes we have made to a story after publication - even if those changes occur just a few minutes or hours after publication.

Impartiality and Conflicts of Interest​:

Editorial decisions at WeekenderNJ will not be influenced by any outside forces. Here are our policies on impartiality:

  • WeekenderNJ’s editorial process is honest and factual and all subjects of news coverage are treated fairly. We are not influenced by outside forces. 

  • We do not pay for interviews. 

  • We believe in transparency. 

  • We will disclose within an article anything that we think might be perceived as a conflict of interest - ex. a writer/journalist with a history of advocate on a particular issue. 

  • We ask our contributors to disclose to the editor any personal or business relationships, as well as ongoing legal or political matters that could call into question their objectivity. When appropriate, articles on WeekenderNJ will include an editor’s note disclosing this background.


Contact Information:

 If there is anything else you’d like to know, reach out.

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